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About Me

Lucky Break is the full-service reality casting company headed by Lynne Spillman, whose credits include over 30 seasons each of “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race”. She is responsible for choosing reality characters that break through the screen with their personalities.  She has found and recruited some of the most memorable people ever seen on reality shows on network television and streamers over the last 25 years.

Lucky Break has a team of seasoned professionals who are experienced in identifying the most compelling real people for any production, domestically and internationally.  We produce top-notch casting reels and manage in-person casting finals.  We coordinate the entire online application process.  We use social media combined with good, old fashioned, in person, on-the street, recruiting to find and the best cast for your projects. Lucky Break leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding the gems that make your show a huge success. We believe that a good cast can make a show good, but an EXCEPTIONAL cast is what makes a HIT!  We have longstanding relationships with background companies, as well as medical doctors and psychologists who screen contestants. No one in reality casting has an equivalent amount of experience when it comes to understanding the potential risks and legal pitfalls for production companies.

Lucky Break elevates reality casting to an art form.  We shop for people who will impact the audience.  We provide producers a variety of choices.  And we oversee the casting process from beginning to end in a highly professional way.

And if that’s not enough…..With Lynne’s experience selling and producing shows throughout the years, Lucky Break has a great list of development ideas on our docket ready for market.

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